Artist Residency at HSBNE

There’s been some talk about HSBNE providing an artist residency. Ideally this would bring HSBNE closer to the kinds of organisations that EDQ envisions populating the larger Northshore space.

My suggestion is to build such a residency in stages:

First stage would be to partner with an established arts organisation to provide a Brisbane-based artist HSBNE membership for three months, fast-track inductions on required tools, plus whatever storage space we can afford without additional costs. This should target artists working in larger scale sculpture, who may find it difficult to work in regular arts spaces.

The partner would cover admin, whatever artist mentorship, and run the residency under their banner.

Ideally the resulting artwork is exhibited at HSBNE with the partner conducting an “off-site.”. However depending on the scale of the work it is possible the artist/organisation may want to open the work at their gallery (where a work opens is important to an artist’s CV).

Next stages HSBNE could source funds to cover larger storage/studio space and negotiate with EDQ about locations for possible resulting artworks.

I’ll be talking to Superordinary (the arts collective building at 175 MacArthur Ave), Onespace and Metro Arts. I’ve also mentioned it to a few friends.

Once this is in motion I think we should drop the hint to EDQ in relation to their rumoured public artwork project for the space.

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I should add that providing an artist the opportunity to create something new and beautiful in the world is an end in and of itself.

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I met with Lincoln from Superordinary today, gave him and their team a tour and talked plans.

They will be operational at Northshore in November so the timeframe would be the following 3 months with an opening event at Superordinary in February 2024.

What we’re offering:

  • 3 months complimentary artist membership
  • timely inductions on equipment artist requires
  • scrap material where available
  • half storage container for artwork storage (TBC)

What we receive is an opportunity to prove HSBNE is a valuable part of the Norethshore creative community in line with EDQ’s strategic priorities of Diversity, Climate Positive, and Community Benefit.

I’ll put together an outline doc to send. He has several artists in mind already we can target for their EOI.


p.s. the artists application process will ask for detail on the artwork they intend to make, so we will know well in advance the equipment for which they will need inductions. We can even get them to list the specific equipment as part of the application.

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