Assistive technology for rodents


I know many people aren’t too fond of rats but I have a pet one whose back legs are crippled so she has to drag them around when she walks. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for “assistive technology” - maybe a 3D printed walker such as this but supporting her rear.

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And yes I realize that this is probably the weirdest HSBNE forum title ever.

Ignoring the craziness of it… we do weird things for our pets… i have seen plenty of dog and cat harnesses that put wheels on the back of the animal when they loose limbs or mobility etc… and if you have any design skills at all it shouldn’t be too hard to custom design one and 3d print it. I think that would be cool. If it was me I’d try to do it as one piece for an under - belly saddle thing and then two wheels. … so it could be as few as three pieces in total. Add some chamois for comfort and some velcro to hold it on…and its quite achievable.

You should go for it!


That is 100% doable. Maybe come down to the space, early-ish on a tuesday, Im in from about lunchtime. Bring the rat and we can measure it up and see what we can make work. Im sure we can find all the parts around somewhere and Alan would oblige in printing whatever we can’t make.

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Thanks Buzz and Rut4ger!

Rut4ger, what time will you be at the space until? I can get in at around 2pm today if that’s not too late?


Im in now, Ill be here until late this evening. If you have one, bring a sock that snugly fits on your rat. That mounting system they use for dogs could be a little tricky to make work, dogs seem a little more rigid than rats. Maybe we could stifen it up a little with a reinforced sock.

Sorry we didn’t make it into the space today because we had some issues with public transport. I’ll give some more thought to the design and try and get some parts (wheels etc.) together for next time!