Augmented reality Glasses

I’m thinking about using augmented reality glasses with the launch of the HAB I’m working on.

All I need is to have some glasses that can connect to the ground station Access Point and show a webpage.
Frees up hands, etc. Bit of a cool factor, but also very handy.

Looks like Augmented Reality glasses are still very new (unless you work for Google). i.e. very new and still an evolving/developing technology. All the more reason to be something to look into!

Anyone had any luck with augmented reality glasses, or actually have any?



Check out CastAR perhaps, I believe their launching soon

I haven’t done anything practical with them but I’ve looked into the design to make some. A half-silvered mirrors in front of your eyes at 45 degrees and a mobile phone screen with Occulus-esque software stuck under the brim of a baseball cap and some +15 diopter lenses would be sufficient.

There would be some minor drawbacks though. For one thing all AR objects would appear the same distance away, so putting AR glasses on somebody’s face would have them either floating off or “cutting” into the person’s head. Additionally, your eyes could only focus on the real object or the AR object at once, so the other would be blurry.

If you wanted to change this, you’d need to discern the focus distance of the real object and adjust both the power of the lenses and the distance between the AR images.

Luckily it would be really easy to make an effective setup for people with presbyopia (old folks who need reading glasses). Since they’d be using either bifocals or progressive lenses, you’d only need to judge what part of the lens they’re looking through to guess focus distance.