Available: Car Engines for Rebuilding

We have three four-cylinder car engines sitting at our house which somebody here may like to use for rebuilding as an exercise or, if they are in good enough order, reconditioning for use in a car.

We don’t know which make or model car they are for. Somebody left them with us over ten years ago and never collected them. We would like to dispose of them, so anyone who wants them can take them for free.

The engines appear to be complete although probably not in good working order, since they have been sitting underneath our house the whole time (except perhaps for one which is covered with a cloth).

We are in Auchenflower on the south side of Brisbane. If you are interested, please text me on 0457 976 056.

Given your inability to identify the engines, perhaps u might consider uploading a picture or three?

Good idea, I’ll upload images of them soon. I didn’t think that your members would likely be interested in these for use in their own vehicles, more likely for instructional purposes or perhaps reconditioning for sale. However, images will at least give some idea of what condition they may be in.

I tried uploading photos take with my phone and it seems the file size (for one photo) exceeds what the message board will allow. I don’t have time to convert them to smaller files right now so I’ll just provide a description of the condition each one is in.

One is missing the head entirely and the cylinder block has been exposed to the elements while sitting. The corrosion visible on the block probably makes it unsalvageable for use in a vehicle. Another engine is complete but at least two ports (for radiator hose and oil cap) were left un-plugged so there may be corrosion inside the engine. There is rust on most of the exterior. The third engine was wrapped in cloth and seems to be complete. From what I can see through a couple of tears in the cloth, this engine appears in much better condition than the other two. It has been sitting in a different place to the other two where it was probably a bit less exposed to the elements.