AVR Transistor tester

I thought this would be a neat idea for the space:

Ebay listing

This pretty much does everything you would want in terms of measuring components.
It’ll automatically output what type of device it is and what it’s basic specifications are.
It supports the following:
PNP and NPN bipolar transistor, N, P-channel MOSFET, JFET, diodes, dual diode, thyristor SCR’s.
It’ll also do passive components and measure ESR, which would be handy for debugging circuits.

For $25 odd dollars, well worth it in my opinion. Especially with some of the odd 3pin devices in our bucket of IC’s

Thats super duper cool, I want one for just me…

I’d be down for hsbne buying one or two.

The only issue with getting one for HSBNE is that its a $27 dollar device that has a naked PCB.
Thus I think we either need to find a protected modal or budget for some form of hack to increase durability before this could be a serous Idea as far as I am concerned.
Having said all that it does still look really really handy…

Sounds like you just volunteered for the job Hamish! :slight_smile:

Probably somebody who owns a 3d printer would be a better pick, I could try with the space printer but it won’t be as strong or neat…

A 3d printable case for it.