Anyone know where I can get some thick bamboo from?

For a bicycle frame? Please tell me it’s for a bicycle frame!

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Nothing specific yet, but have always wanted to use bamboo for things

Maybe recumbent?

When I was at UQ there were at least two large stands of it on campus. One down by the lakes surely had tens of thousands of stalks. I’d be willing to bet that if you took one or two fallen pieces that no one would mind. If you want to cut down heaps then it’s probably not the right place.

Any specific diameter requirements? My neighbors have a bit of a crazy bamboo gardeb going atm. Open for harvest :slight_smile:

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Grow your own? That would be metal as f*ck :stuck_out_tongue:

What diameter are you after? The stuff at the uni was around 4-6 cm diameter and 4 m or longer when mature. Big grass.

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Looking for a range, but more interested in the larger diameter stuff, but between 30 to60 though not sure how easy it is it get stuff that large.

I might go have a look today