Basalt Build Platform for 3D printer

Has anyone had any experience with or know muck about Basalt Build Platforms

Basalt Build Platform - Amazon

From what I’m reading they are semi porous (easy to adhere to), retain heat better than metal beds and don’t warp.

look at the weight - almost 4kg, and even if you scale the size to 200x200mm, it’s around 1.6kg. probably only viable on a Hbot, and even then you will need rather strong motors to hold that weight constantly.

Out of interest why use basalt over something like glass?

Porous for good adhesion, holds heat longer so a slower cooldown for less warping, has been ground perfectly flat, which is great for leveling and first layer adhesion.

Are their any printers that move just the head? that way the bed is fixed in place.

That’s what a Hbot is - the platform moves vertically for the Z axis while the print head moves in both x and y. but that much weight bearing on threaded rod will want to constantly turn the motors, so you need motors strong enough to resist.

With the larger print area I was looking at a fixed base system so the weight on the motors wont be an issue.

Oh of course, you can also go for a delta style printer, where the base doesn’t move at all. only problem then is the shape, but it’s easy enough to cut to size

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Also a fixed bed also makes it easier to use as a cnc rig (remove the basalt bed first)