Base sch design work for dollars, pre work for articles

Hi guys,

A open source altium part library projects I subscribe and use is looking for electrical engineering hobbyists who are keen in doing schematic and part choice calculations to feed into articles, how it’s, guides, entry level small projects.

Would require a few hours work every few months for to produce a calculated and simulated schematic , part selection etc. doesn’t have to be final or include layout. Focusing on major design elements.

E.g. battery spot welder. What fets? What Powrr rails, what op amps, instrument amps, ADC ranges , filters and psuedo logic.

Taking around the $400usd per project with sufficient base design to complete an article.

Also looking for a non altium user who has kicad experience to make the transition to the big toys while completing a ‘trial and tribulations’ piece on the differences. Offer is a years license for Altium.

Good experience and project portfolio opportunity for aspiring electrical/mech engineers :slight_smile: or quick wins for projects already competed!

I’ll be in next Tuesday or msg me here, on discord, carrier pigeon. I’ll introduce you to mark :slight_smile:

Altium is calling… resistance is futile