Bathroom upgrades

Aside from me cleaning them on occasion, I’ve done a couple “upgrades” to the bathrooms over the past few months, both the Mens and Womens. You’ve probably already noticed them, but if not here’s some photos!

First off, a few silly stickers have been added to the lids of some of the toilets. These stickers are covered in clear contact paper, so they’re super easy to clean and that makes sure there’s no worry of germs secretly growing in the cracks against hard-to-see black stickers. There’s two different styles I’ve applied.

(straining kitty is straining)

(…for when you gotta drop the big one)

Secondly, the Womens bathroom is already fine for mirrors, but the mirror in the Mens bathroom was… not the best. Because it’s located so high up and also at an angle, you had to be pretty tall to see yourself in it. So I added another mirror lower down! This one’s made from laser-cut mirror acrylic in a hexagonal tile pattern. Hexagons have been a staple of futuristic sci-fi for decades (mostly because you rarely see them in normal architecture or interior design as they’re complicated and expensive to manufacture compared to squares/right angles/triangles), so I couldn’t resist that design.

(Before - the existing mirror was too high to be usable by short people)

(After - that’s much better!)

(The view through the mirror - a tiny bit of alignment jumping at the edges, but overall very usable)

I should also mention - as this new mirror is just laser cut acrylic, it scratches very easily. You wouldn’t think so but paper towels are actually surprisingly abrasive - more than enough to scratch acrylic. The same with sponges, too - common kitchen sponges are hard enough they can potentially scratch acrylic. So if you need to clean these tiles in the future, please use a soft cloth and not some paper towels or a kitchen sponge.

…And while I’m on the topic, it would also be super rad if we had a few more people helping to clean the bathrooms. Mopping is great, but if you’ve only got a couple minutes to spare and feel like helping out then scrubbing the bowls or wiping down the sink area are quick, easy and always appreciated tasks!! :slight_smile:

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paper towels are actually surprisingly abrasive

Less surprising when you remember they’re literally made of wood.