Battery source in AU?

I need essentially this exactly for repacking a UPS:

unfortunately its like $300 shipping because batteries are so heavy. Does anyone have a good local supplier for a similar product?

I can buy a totally new battery caddy from office works but its like $600.

In the past I’ve found good prices by sourcing my replacement UPS batteries from my local car battery store, eg Battery World, Battery Works, Marshall Batteries, Power Shack, etc. They tend to have limited stock & prices listed on their websites, if they even have a website. Give some of them a try and see if they’re any cheaper!

Failing that, this is apparently compatible and only $232.44 shipped.

Jaycar sell SLAs, this one looks like it might be suitable:

I buy my batteries from supacheap. Including at least one ride on mower and two gyro copter(motorcycle or quad bike due to vibrations) and three car batteries… they have a bunch of assorted gel cells and other types of lead acid. I go to stones corner.

RJ Batteries at Yatala sell Full River, AC Delco and other better brand lead acids.

YMMV with Jaycars range of unfit for purpose products.

Thanks Mike,

After calling around that link you supplied was still the best deal, so I’ve bought through them :slight_smile:

Alcotec in Springwood have done me fantastic deals for UPS SLA batteries in the past - typically 12v 7.2ah bricks