Battery testers and kWeld battery spot welder have been ordered

Just a quick update, the battery testers and 4 wire holders have been bought and will be here in about 2-3 weeks. The kweld system is unfortunately now out of stock so I’ll wait until that comes back into stock before purchasing it. This is the exact tester that was purchased:

Once the two testers arrive I’ll begin writing up documentation and an induction process to use them.

I’ve just followed up with the supplier of the kWeld stuff and he’s let me know he has received the latest shipment and he’s putting the order together now. He said it will get sent out next week which means hopefully it will arrive in the next week or two. Once it arrives I’ll put it all together, write up some documentation and bring it into the space for members to use.

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Our kWeld kit arrived on Friday so I spent this weekend putting the kit together and writing up documentation. Thanks to @devians’s new wiki template this was pretty easy. You can check out the wiki page here:

I’ve also been printing a case for the kWeld unit and for the kCap ultra capacitor bank. These are quite large and have been taking a while but they’re nearly done. I’ve printed them out of black PETG so they should be nice and strong and not get too dirty. These cases should stop members accidentally (or intentionally) touching bits with lots of angry pixies flowing through them.

I’m currently putting together some resources for the induction and will put it up on canvas like the table saw induction. It will be pretty quick and easy, and will require someone (me until other members are inducted) to physically check someone’s competency as there’s a few things you really just need to be shown in person.

Once the electrodes arrive I’ll attach them and put the tool in the electronics area for members to use (after being inducted of course).

I’ve just finished editing the the kWeld induction video and have published it to the HSBNE YouTube account. I’ve also finished off the digital induction course on canvas (similar to the table saw). You can enroll in this course by clicking on the link in the kWeld wiki page.

Video is below for anyone who is interested, but please note, you must complete the kWeld course to be inducted. Watching this video does not count :wink: