Beemo Keychain

Beemo Project

As typical for me, this is a build log in progress. Like your typical HSBNE hacker, this project started over a year ago and has sat in a tupperwear container.

I wanted to create a keyring that had a tamagochi style display.

The idea and the design has evolved since to become the multi function monstrosity it is.

Break it down


3d printed case – looks like beemo from adventure time cartoon
128x64 OLED screen driven over i2c via arduino atmega328
buttons – front of case, snake
speaker driven from a attiny85 high speed pwm spi flash memory (says ~min of audio)
battery to drive electronics
usb jack – charge battery and connect internal storage to pc
storage – bootable ubuntu OS (amazingly handy) – storage partition – locked partition with autorun beemo application

displays beemo face. Will react to events such as charging, flat battery, storage capacity (its a dream), accelerometer values (laying down – sleeping, shaken – angry, jogging - :D, dropped -cracked screen)
inclusion of buttons – menu, tamagochi, games – snake, pong, blocks

Beemo esheep
Hiding in the usb storage will be this is an application that will be similar to esheep from the late 90s. All the cute without all the malware.

I did some animation from scratch, pixel by pixel. I cheated a little and used this super handy animation helper: online editor for sprite -

Then Adriano created esheep for new OS (windows only) all x64 and with certificates and the lot!!! online editor for application -

He also made and realeased an editor to great your own ‘pets’. My beemo pet is still yet to be published but the beta is looking good.

Design limitations
The design, cost and functionality keeps in mind that this was never intended to be sold or mass produced. Thought it might be a good learning experience possibly even a funny gift but definitely a cute tool to have for myself.

Files, Schematics, Code, Other 1’s and 0’s
I will post all 3d files, code, schematics I create.

case design v0.1

errything will be 100% open source and released under the wtfpl licence