Ben the Builder

G’day I’m Ben Jackson and I like to build things. In my day job I mostly talk about doing things but in reality I love to do them myself!

Things I’m into

  • Micro Electronics. The Raspberry Pi Pico is may favorite, but I have also use Arduino, PICAXE, PIC, ESP8266 (NodeMCU) and ESP32. Lately I have been writing a few libraries for microPython for various components. I also have experience driving stepper motors.
  • Astrophotography. Check out some of my images.
  • 3D printing and 3D CAD. I have been printing for many years now and have just upgraded to a Rat Rig VCore 3. Have been using Fusion 360 for a while and now have started with OnShape.
  • I also don’t mind repairing the odd bit of vintage electronics. I recently scored a couple of HP 9810a calculators (50 years old). One is fully working and one is for parts, but it would be good to get it running.
  • Various other things…

Things I am looking to learn or do at HSBNE

  • My son and I are currently working on building a shredder for hard plastics. We managed to score a couple of gearboxes and have hooked the 25:1 to a treadmill motor. We have modeled up the actual shredder and once we are inducted will get to building the shafts on the lathe.
  • I work from home full time and am turning into a hermit, so I need to get out and meet some people. :slight_smile:

I do have a bit of free time so if you want me to do something to help out please let me know.


I like electronics too. Today I did this thing where I turned a light switch on, and then later tuned it off. I also do this thing where I say realy stupid shit and think it passes for humour.

But frankly, I have zero skill in all those areas. Plenty of other people have those skills, and you find them here in the related channels and around the space.

If you need help orientating in the space, feel free to hit me up, use the general channel, or the helpdesk channel, which is obviously the official help channel.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks! Turning lights on and off is the cornerstone of learning in electronics :slight_smile: