Benchtop Lab PSU

Has anyone got a recommendation for the least bad cheap lab PSU?


  • Control voltage 0-30V,
  • Control max current 0-5A,
  • Current limit that doesn’t just cut power if the limit is exceeded,
  • Two separate voltage outputs would be nice,
  • Unlikely to burn my house down.

Any suggestions?

Mine was from Jaycar
It looks like the don’t stock it any more.

It was the single version of this beast

Looks like this is the one replacing it.

At the time I looked at all the reviews and tear downs and decided it was ample for what I wanted.

Build your own K3206 ?

I’ve decided to get one of these:

Will probably be total garbage, but for the price I can’t complain too loudly. If it works alright I might buy a second.

$42 doesn’t sound too bad, except that’s USD, and doesn’t include the $20USD shipping… .so that’s closer to $90AUD, shipped. :frowning:

Yeah, I realised the shipping cost but not the USD until after I ordered. Oh well, still a good deal for what is, on paper, a decent bit of kit.

My PSU arrived on Friday. I ran it through some basic tests. Seems alright.

Very poor voltage and current control between zero and one volt/amp, but I can live with that. The volt and amp readouts on the front of my cheap shitty Chinese PSU roughly match the readouts on my cheap shitty Chinese multimeter. +/- 0.1 volts/amps.

The current limiting seems to work as I expect. I set the limit to 1A and powered a little motor. Stalling the motor lit up the current limit LED and the motor was pulling 1.1A as measured by my multimeter.