Bicycle paint booth

Hi, I was wondering if we (the royal we) have a paint booth that would let me prop a bicycle frame and fork, so that I can spray paint? As a new member, just wondering if we already have an air compressor, hose, spray gun, booth?

I will bring my own paint, respirator, cover-all and safety glasses.

Hey @walterWhite, I don’t think we’ve got anything big enough for a bicycle fork, we’ve only got the little “booth” in craft punk. I think @devians was talking a while back about setting up a painting booth in the woodshop container but I don’t think that went further than a discussion.

That being said, we have a “sacrificial” table in the quad that is often used for spray painting. As long you try not to get too much paint on it, you’re welcome to use that to spray paint it.

thanks, just figuring out what I need to buy to get my project under way.

Theres an air compressor and at various points theres been air guns but i’m not sure what the current situation is. Painting is something we want to enable more but its lower on the priorities.

If you use the outdoor table just be careful of overspray/wind and peoples cars etc.