Big Red Laser Cutter Working!

Hey Everyone

We have been quietly working away at the Big Red DigiFab laser for the last few months and today I’m happy to announce that it’s working!

This has been a mammoth effort, the controller has been replaced with a new Ruida RDC6432, the proprietary laser tube power supply has also been replaced. This platform, in combination with Lightburn Software, will be great for us to grow over the next few months into a truly great laser experience.

We still have a long way to go, LightBurn needs to be purchased by the space, automatic air-assist needs to be installed, interlocks need installing, extraction and compressor system need sorting, induction and wiki need to be completed, Laser supervisors need to be shown new software and we need to configure material profiles

I would also like to Thank Ale, He has been such a great help with this entire process!

So can I use it???
Yes! Until we get the machine more user friendly and induction process done contact me on discord and we can meet up and get your cuts done

What material can I cut?
Same as the little laser but bigger sheets. Check the wiki for a full list of approved materials (chonkasaurus - digitalfabrication - tools [HSBNE Wiki])

What thickness can it cut?
This laser has a fair amount more power than the small laser but due to the current lens, it’s limited to about 3-5mm thick. New lenses have been ordered, that will allow us to cut thicker material

Can it engrave?
Yes, but not perfect yet. Air and more configuration need to be done.

Below is a test I did the other day and it turned out great! It’s about 1300mm long and 900mm high, mixed engraving and cut layers.

Speaking of joining the dark side,
We need help in DigiFab, forming a team and bringing life back into the printer area is going to be a great start! If there is anything you can do to help with the lasers, printers, and 3D scanners please reach out! Would love to hear from you :slight_smile:


Awesome work @ObeyedTangent8 . When you were showing me the other day the amount of work you’ve put into this, and the results, I was impressed! And it’s fast too!

Great work!

Great work! It’s been awesome to see this laser coming along. I can’t wait to see the new workflow and get some bigger things cut that the smaller laser can’t do.

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Like a turtle. We should make a turtle.

From, it’s like it’s a meta turtle. Layers upon layers, to make a turtle.

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You speak to me in the language of my heart.

Please make it massive :heart_eyes:

I believe in life there are good problems and bad problems. Not being sure where to put a massive turtle that YOU JUST MADE… is one of the good problems of life.

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