Bitcoin available at the market rate @ Tuesday open nights

Ask for Matthew (or for the guy from 4zzz fm). Also, if you’re interested, ask me about the Brisbane bitcoin meetup group - I welcome bitcoin discussions.

It’s easy enough to just use an exchange like (based in Australia, transfer money with BPay, buy and sell orders supported). What exactly are you offering?

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Well, when you put it that way… I’m offering a friendly, face-to-face transaction at a fair price. Beyond that, I’m happy to speak about my own experiences with the currency and the software and services I’ve used in conjunction with it.

It’s a reasonable offer, while BTCMarkets is a great tool/marketplace, there are some hefty drawbacks:

  • Requires heavy identity verification, which not everyone is comfortable with
  • Per transaction trading fee of 0.85% (which only goes down with very high throughput)
  • Only accepts AUD deposits via POLI as of last week which means:
    – $3 per deposit
    – Max $2000 per deposit
  • AUD Withdrawals carry a hefty fee ~$30
  • AUD Withdrawals travel at the rate of a bank transfer - slow

There are benefits to trading between people too:

  • Legitimises/normalises the practice
  • Spreads knowledge and awareness - some people might be keeping all their private keys on their phone and need to understand personal security!
  • Fast way to get money out of the system
  • No trading fee
  • No withdrawal fee
  • Ability to exchange for goods and services
  • Expands your network of BTC enthusiasts so if you need a quick purchase or sale, you know people
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. Gives you an opportunity to use that “tactical baton” that came as a bonus with that other 3D printed item you bought with bitcoins

By the way, just to revise my previous comment, btcmarkets has reintroduced direct deposit through a new bank, and also increased their Max poli payments to $10k