Blacksmithing Cause in wiki

Hi guys,
I saw theres a blacksmithing cause in the wiki.
This is really cool for me because I was really keen on smithing some stuff as a hobby.
But the entry is also empty :frowning:
I’m keen on helping out with getting set up now that my university semester is finally over, though I’ve only been to one of the public nights and everyone seemed like they were working on the electronics side of things.

You guys need a forge and stuff, and I’m happy to help put it together with you if you need the help, I guess I just need to get inducted or something?


We actually have a “blacksmiths cause”, basically a group of members who’ve gotten together who share a love of the art of blacksmithing. We have a couple of fairly basic coke powered forges, anvil and a furnace for doing castings, people have just been slack getting the wiki page up to speed.

@Zap or @mattcosta18 are probably the best people to talk to for details about our setup, as they are probably the most common users of it.

Hey man, come along on Tuesday and we can have a chat, it would be great to get the smiting area a little more active.

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I’ll be in next Tuesday, I’ll get together the paperwork for it and get to it.


Oh awesome!
You guys are much further along than I had realised.
I didnt see any blacksmith gear when I was in a few weeks ago.
That’ll teach me for being too awkward to talk to people properly.

See you guys next tuesday then!

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Don’t worry about being awkward, you’re just like most of us! We don’t bite… much.

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There is blacksmithing gear, a dedicated space and members interested in it. Sometimes those elements all interact.

However, there isn’t technically a blacksmithing cause. A draft of the paperwork was submitted on 10th Feb 2015, but it wasn’t complete. I’ve dumped what was sent into that wiki page.
If you’re interested in the cause: Add your name in the wiki. Also, go over the requirements for starting a cause, and update the wiki to help it along. There’s no reason the paperwork can’t be sorted by Tuesday.