Blacksmithing Course

Good evening all.

Recently I had a good chat with a friend of mine, Marin Geddes. Martin teaches Smithing and has not only offered to donate a decent coke forge to the space he has also offered to run a course one Satruday.

It is likely to be an introduction to Blacksmithing course and I was going to ask for a show of hands as to who would be interested and what date would suit everyone.

Please let me know.



@mattcosta18 introduced me to Martin this weekend and he has a huge wealth of knowledge that he seems excited to share with anyone and everyone! It will be a valuable grounding for anyone interested in blacksmithing!

I would like to attend.

Iā€™m keen as! Soon, or weeks away do you think?

It will be a few months away, since our blacksmithing gesr is missing a defined area and is all over the shop. This will change soon, hopefully.

Definitely interested if this is still available.