Brazing tutor

Hey all. Has there been any oxy-acetalyne torch inductions in the past? If not, would someone be interested in running me through the basics and maybe a practice joint? Alternatively, if someone intends on doing some brazing then perhaps I can watch and learn a few things? :slight_smile: Cheers.

I’d also be keen on learning brazing if someone is interested in sharing their skills.

@Ryan1 that’s great, hopefully we can get a handful of people that would commit to a paid demonstration such as the lathe course they ran last saturday. My ultimate goal is to learn how to safely set up the oxy-acetelyne torch at the HSBNE so that I can practice independently.

I’d be interested in this as well and more than happy to pay for a class if one were available

It’s pretty easy assuming you’ve got the right flux and filler rod - we have some general equipment to cover brazing (I’ve done brass and aluminium at the Space), but if you wanted really good results it would be a good idea to get specific stuff for each material you want to learn.

Happy to cover welding/cutting/general use

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Hey Drew. Thanks for your reply. I envisioned just mitering up some scrap pieces and going to town. I understand that the flux is specific to each filler material and think i’ll just go ahead and pick some up. If you’re around sometime this week maybe I can come in and have a chat. Thanks.