Bringing a young friend along on Tuesday [Closed]


I have been to a couple of open night Tuesdays and recently became a member (yet to be inducted).

I have a young friend, he’s 14. He would really like it at hsbne. Also, he wishes to work on a rc plane, but doesn’t have anyone to guide him.

As I mentioned, I’ve been at hsbne tuesdays a few times and know what the typical environment is like. I am sure he’ll fit in okay.

Can I bring him along this Tuesday?

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That’s fine, as long as you or someone else is his “guardian”.
Unfortunately we will be unable to sign him up to be a member though.
The way we get around this is the parent or guardian signs up for membership and invites them along as a guest. i.e., they both need to be there when on site.

I understand, that’s fine. Thanks @lhovo .