Brisbane Airport Comminuty giving Fund

Hi y’all

Brisbane Airport just launched their latest fund thing. Looks pretty straightforward.

The only caveat is: “The organisation applying for a Brisbane Airport Community Giving Fund
grant must be incorporated in Australia and be endorsed by the
Australian Tax Office (ATO) or listed by name in income tax law as a
Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1 (DGR).”

Which I have no idea of.

I’m deployed for a month as of next week so I am not much help, although I can put a good word in to the people judging it.

Hey, thanks for giving us a heads up on this!

I’m not sure about the ‘endorsed by the ATO’ part, but if it requires us to be a DGR then we cant apply. To be a DGR you need to be a charity and we’ve attempted to become a charity before and our constitution is incompatible, and to change that would require us to entirely restructure.

But, it does say ‘or’ DGR so perhaps its still possible. I’ll try and look into it at some point, but I’m not licking the cookie so if someone else gets to it first, sweet.