Brisbane Area WICEN Christmas Break-up: Monday 17th December

Apologies to all for the late notice, but Brisbane Area WICEN group will be having their Christmas break-up tonight following their last business meeting of the year. We welcome any members of HSBNE to bring a small plate of food to share and come join us.

The meeting itself starts at 7:30PM.

In 2019, we’ll be looking to implement a RFID-based horse endurance ride tracking system in preparation for the Tom Quilty endurance ride event which takes place at Sterling’s Crossing in July. This will involve portable readers which will be installed at locations “on the track” reporting back to the WICEN check-points which will then relay the message back via AX.25 packet. The full details are still being worked out, but if you’re interested in helping, certainly come along and we can discuss what we have so far.

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