Brisbane Tool Library: Test & Tagger

Hi guys,

The Brisbane Tool Library is looking for someone who can test and tag their power tools. As they are still in the early stages of setting up; this would be a voluntary helper initially. Is there anyone at HSBNE interested in helping out?

Brisbane Tool Library

Hi Samantha,

I’d love to help as I’ve completed test and tag certification, however I don’t have contractors insurance and HSBNE doesn’t have any either.

I wish you luck though, as whoever does the test and tagging will need contractors insurance to be able to tag. You may be able to find an insured organisation to do it for free/NFP rates or a friendly sparky/contractor with the right gear.

Thanks so much for the informative reply! We’ll do some investigating into our insurance policy on our (BTL) end might get back to you. Do you happen to have an ABN? There’s a small chance BTL could cover you if we can employ you.