Build all the things!

Helloooooo. I’m Meg!

I joined at the end of December but I’ve only been in once since then as I blew up my knee and had to get surgery before I could drive safely. Now I’m recovering from said surgery so I still can’t drive safely!

Anyway, I’ve been aware of HSBNE for a few years but I live on the Gold Coast so it’s a bit of a trek in. Between uni, work and jiu jitsu/soccer, I never had enough time to really participate.

I decided to make time in the new year, and now I’ve got a bit of a forced break from jits that gives me even more time, so I must immediately transform into The Worst Maker of All Time.

Keen to use all of the stuff and make all the new pals. Apologies in advance for all the questions, and many thanks in advance for all your help. :sweat_smile:

Personal Interests

  • Motorbikes (/EV generally)
  • Martial arts (muay thai, boxing, BJJ)
  • Electronics
  • Hacking/security
  • Coding (learning to not suck at embedded currently)
  • Learning everything about all the stuff

Things I am looking to learn or do at HSBNE

  • I have some specific projects (to begin with: a few basic customisations for my crappy project motorbike that I love to bits)
  • I also just have some skills I want to learn: Welding, milling, knifemaking, woodwork.

I am currently

  • Studying electrical engineering at QUT – last semester of my Honours! Then onto PhD!
  • Working as an undergrad power electronics engineer at a renewables company


  • Recovering journalist (BJourn)
  • Hacking obsessive (OSCP)
  • CPR, heck yeah
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Great to see more of you Meg!

You should ask @Eris about his electric motorbike. We’ve also had a few members build custom electric motorbikes here over the years. I’d love to do one myself, someday.

@Zanshin takes his martial arts pretty seriously, @BadBiki is our local actual wizard electronics master. We also have some old members who have moved away who are also incredible, @Pelrun for example.

Coding, lots of us do bits here and there, but I am 18yr professional/veteran/inmate in the field. I have @mshafer who helps out with hsbne projects, but lots of us do bits here and there with code. I’m real bad at embedded stuff, but I’m hoping to get into Rust on microcontrollers soon.

For welding, chat to @Eris or @Ryan1 for when they’ll do inductions. Milling is @Ryan1 and @MoltenAluminium as the experts. Knifemaking you can talk to @wixted @Zac_Crow @Zanshin and @Eris as i think they’ve all made knives here recently. Woodwork, @Ale_More is a professional cabinet maker and cnc operator, and @ross (i think i tagged the right account there) is a Airline pilot that makes incredible furniture.

If you’re at all interested in applying your electrical skillset to volunteer, i know @BadBiki is looking for people to help him with the electronics team and area. No pressure of course.


  • CPR: heck yeah, i should get mine updated.