Build my van

I’m looking for the right person to collaborate with on my van build. The right person must have worked on and preferably lived in vans in hot weather before!

The work will including putting in insulation, simple wood/flooring, and rigging up the electrical system (solar panels, batteries, etc)

I’ve got a 4 week timeline. Need to start soon. Near Woollongabba area preferred. If you’re keen - let’s talk more & agree on payment. Message me on 0466541880


I’m not sure how many bites you will get regards experience working on or living in vans. But I am happy to advise anywhere I can help, no payment required for opinions or working around the shop.

If this is Nat? I can help saw those flooring pieces in half, for example.

And we definitely have electricians who can advise or do the electrical work.

Hit me up to in discord if you would like to chat further.