Bunnings xmas diy class

Hey all.

Have been asked if we would like to hold a DIY class at bunnings for the Christmas night.

Target audience is boys aged 15+

Who would be interested in helping?
Project ideas. They would like it to be a little more challenging.
Doesn’t have to be wood. But should be with stuff from bunnings and take about 3 hours to complete.

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I think this is a awesome idea and would love to help out.
Though at this stage I’m unsure where I will be around the Christmas break.

Sorry to specify it’s December 10

How about something like this?

I’m available to help out. I think it would be a really good idea to do something that demonstrates a variety of skills that we have and provide as a group.

15 yo + Boys?

Make it useful, and encompass the hackerspace ethos.

Mintyboost USB charger setup, possibly have the option of recharging the cells with the guts of a solar light?

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I really like this as a hacker project.

will see if i can get some stuff from work as a test.

hacking, electronics, woodworking, potential to show off laser cutting and 3d printing.
the only areas of HSBNE it wouldn’t really showcase is metal work and smithing…

Since Starwars is coming out this year what about making a Lightsaber with piping and electronics.

If we can find the right connectors with PVC pipe, and a basic led circuit it could be really cool. We can also let them customize it with paint and led colors.


Is there any update to this?

It is going ahead project needs to be finalized
Still liking the idea of a solar battery bank.
I did buy a light to test but haven’t had time to tear it apart yet

This is on tgis Thursday.
Project has been locked in as a mobile device charging station.

Need a few people to help teens swing hammers. If we can get a 3d printer to have running in the background as a display that would be awesome.

If you can assist please let me know.
Class is planned on 20 participants

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