Burst water pipe upgrade

In order to provide water to the bar for the upcoming party we will need to fix the water pipe coming from the ceatorium to the workshop.

To fix this we can

  1. dig down into the ground and repair the old pipe.
  2. Chase out the concrete and lay a new pipe.
  3. Run some poly pipe over the top of the gap between the buildings.

While the poly pipe may be unsightly, it at this time seems to be the most time and cost effective option to fix the water issue.

If you have any objections to installing some poly pipe overhead between the creatorium and the woodshop please make yourself known and give us a hand to do a better job. If not I will commence work next week.

I am aware there is asbestos and I won’t be drilling into it.

Also if anyone has some quickset at home and can donate it, we need some to fill up the hole in the ground from the other pipe we attempted to fix.


4 - install all the poly pipe and fittings we already have to do the job.

Please don’t run anything overhead between the two buildings there, like you say it’ll be unsightly and thats the only access point for large vehicles to enter the main quad.

We have uhhh, well at least one 40mm mains pipe running unplumbed by the main warehouse. I think theres another offcut hanging around somewhere on the ground also if its not been binned.

We bought … 3 or 4 sets of T fittings and reducers and ball valves to convert the giant pipe into normal pipe so we could put sinks and such all through the warehouse (woodworking, paintshop, car pit). All this stuff is in the server room and represents like $250 of plumbing parts, so please don’t take it out unless you plan to implement.

We’re blocked on this whole project/idea by:

  • One end fitting for the 40mm line ($20 worth or so?)
  • Some way of getting water OUT once we’ve gotten it IN. Ie drainage. If we can identify somewhere to dump to we can utilise some large pipe perhaps. Alternatively we can grab some wheelie bins or similar with a bung in the bottom. Keep in mind that there will be nasty shit tipped down these so we can’t dump it to grass or stormwater.

Also yeah, overhead stuff is bad juju, i’d much rather more trenches in the concrete than overhead stuff. When we renovated we removed a bunch of overhead wiring for just that reason.

good to know there is already equipment, was that you volunteering to chase the concrete for the poly?

I hate the idea of overheads also, it makes me cringe, if i could get some help from other members to do the grunt work it would make the job much easier, I can only do so much before my ankles give in.

How many bags of rapid are you going to need? Will look for write off bags at work

2 bags should do it, one for the hole outside the chem lab and one for the chase for the poly pipe. thanks.

I donated 2 bags which I will leave in woodworking for you :smile:

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El legendo Mr. Hally

I will be at the space tomorrow cutting the concrete for the poly pipe. If you want to help I will be there from 11 onward.
I will be needing the poly fittings to complete the plumbing. How do I get access to them? @rut4ger @devians

what do you need, and what do you need them for? sorry I’m not 100% on what you’re doing.

I will be needing some poly pipe to go from the creatorium to the woodworking area embedded In the slab.
2x Fittings to go from copper to poly
3x poly 90°

Just so we are on the same page.
Why does the wood working room need water?
I’m sorry if there are too many hands in the pie but I just feel there could be a easier way to achive the objective.
But presently the objective is unknown.

As for the fittings, all the Polly fittings are for the large water pipe running in the yet to be cemented in trench. And would be to big for your purpose by the sounds of things.

On another note, there was a sink in the boneyard on the back wall. I’m unsure if the pipe was plugged correctly when we removed it.
Might be a source of some problems.

I am not getting water into the woodworking room. The water is to supply the water cooler and the bar for the party. The fittings won’t be adequate, I will need to purchase new ones. It would be in the best interest of our health to get a filter too.

The pipe and fittings I’m referring to are 40mm mains supply style pipe, I do not think it’s what you’d want to be using, sorry :frowning:

So after talks with the Executive the most logical way to get water into the workshop is to come from the road side of the workshop where there is a large pipe feeding the shed up the road to the east.
I need help to get this in and to have access to all equipment that the space had for water. @rut4ger @devians can you please give me all the items required for this install. if you leave it next to my cart I will organize the installation next time I am at the space.

We’re missing a few items.

We have, from memory, 4 t’s, 3 reducers and 3 ball valves, or something to that effect. What is missing is one of these, mainly http://www.polypipe.com.au/prod227.htm

Once that’s there, we need the piping and fittings (taps) and other bits (ie sinks?)

The parts are in a plastic bag in the server room.

I’d really like you to post on the forum where you plan to ingress the water lines into the building before doing so, so you can get feedback.

Also, to do this modification you need to turn off water to the shed, which should be fine now that theres no tenant (afaik) in there, but walk over there and knock on doors and stuff to check first.

Oh, you should try and locate the spare length of 40mm poly because you’ll need that on the t’s.

If you cant find it (it may have been thrown, who knows.), last I saw it was behind metalworking. But a few meters will probably need to be purchased if we have none spare.

Also, you’ll need to lay the line in such a way that it doesnt impede the big doors. Theres not enough line, currently, to get into metalworking, so if you’re hoping to do that you’ll need to formulate a plan and purchase the extra needed parts.