Busy bee to get the woodshop ready to rock

Hi all,

I am organising the 29/Apr/17 to have a busy bee day to sort out the woodshop.

Goals we are going to achieve;

Get together so we know who everyone is by face, and meet them in person

  • Solid general tidy up
  • Getting all our tooling in one place to see where we are
  • I.D. what tooling needs repair/ what is damaged
  • Compile lists of all the tools we have
  • Compile lists of replacement parts/prices and where to get them from
  • Move dust extractor into place in the shed to get it piped up and working
  • Eat some tasty sausages and whatnot cause working is hard.
    Also, while we are munching, get everyone’s brains together to list any things we need, want and ideas for improvements and fundraisers.
    The last part there being important so we can get this space cracking ASAP.

Also, seeing if anyone wants to buy some nicer timber to make some fancy things, and ordering in bulk.

If you have any other things you think need to be achieved, please let me know on here, and i will add it to the list.

I look forward to everyone coming in and helping to kick some goals.




I’ll be there to help out.

Just a heads up peeps, we are going to be starting at 1030 Hours, also, whoever is coming, if you cant eat normal beef/pork snags, feel free to put it in here, so i can try and work out something different for lunch for you.

The training I had on that day has been moved, so I’ll be there too.

FYI https://www.facebook.com/events/169461756910169/permalink/169461766910168/?notif_t=like&notif_id=1492629334899181