Buy not shit DMM:

Buy not shit DMM:

I have no issues buying new multimeters in principal, but I’m loathe to have a single high quality multimeter at the bench unless it wasn’t going to walk and because that means only one person could use it at a time - I like to focus more on having multiple tools so everyone can use the bench.

The $30 UNI-T models we have got are pretty good for $30, one has been reported as inaccurate and another has walked so it’s probably time we bought a batch more.

The Brymen BM257s gets a decent review from eevblog users, but at $100 for a chinese clone of a fluke that’s a little much IMO.

Luke has suggested in slack purchasing some of these:

They retail for around $25AUD on ebay, and given we’re expanding the bench it’d make sense to buy up to 4 of them.

I’ll add both to the August electronics meeting for vote :slight_smile:

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I don’t support buying any multimeters for the space that are more than $30-$40 each. Anything like that will go walking asap and is just not needed by most people. I personally think buying a $180 (it’s $130 USD) multimeter that’s a chinese copy of a fluke is just plain stupid.

If you want new multimeters for the space I’d suggest the VC97. I have a couple of these and they are fantastic auto ranging multimeters for ~$33 shipped form an au seller. They have a huge screen, temperature probe, transistor tester, frequency/duty cycle measuring and a built in kick stand. (just don’t leave them in the sun for a couple months as it kills the LCD. :joy:

I bought a medium-price (~$120ish) DMM for the Space about 6 months ago - the good test leads got destroyed, the replacement test leads got destroyed, the replacements replacements test leads got destroyed.

IMO buy a bunch of cheaper ones as we don’t need anything for industrial use nor can I see a massive need for incredible accuracy.


Here are some links to the one that I have proposed. ( Review video above in @nogthree post )
For the price and the accuracy, we should get some of these as it will serve us well at HSBNE.