CAD Laptop buying advice

I have been asked to buy a CAD laptop for running solid works. I have looked at the recommended Min specs from solid works, and recommended specs from other sources. Just wanted input about good brands and places to buy from. I have not been given a budget (very different from unlimited budget). I only care that it will function well. It will mostly be used in a ln office. Any advice on who to avoid or sneaky marketing to look out for is apprichiated! Also I have read that different types of graphic cards make a difference, as in their principle of operation.Thanks

I’ve heard good things about metabox laptops and they seem to be pretty cheap.

I use a Metabox they are great machines Standard with a m.2 SSDs and there is a promo on atm with a bonus 1tb HDD,

you will have to keep in mind that most CAD machines start about $2000

Metabox offer GPUs that are able to do processing for CAD software for less then $1700

all these laptops do not have dvd drives due to dvds being out of date and a shit install media, the best part about this is because the dvd drive is not there they have replaced it with space for extra Hard drives

they are also an Australian brand and are really great for any support that you might need

All the laptops they stock as min of 7th gen i7 and the promo offers 16gb ram

I highly recommend to check them out they are awesome laptops

I brought mine for $3500 but I had a almost unlimited budget, the only think that restricted me was weight due to flight restrictions.

I will check them out and let you guys know what happens!

Lenovo p50/p70 or newer p51/p71 will easily be able to handle solidworks for a long time. Commonly the choice of large organisations, you can often find excess stock from a large purchase order on ebay, with full warranty and a significant discount.

Just remember to format the everloving shit out of any Lenovo you buy. They come pre-compromised these days.

Check with me about pricing… I can probably get you a better deal when you decide on something…

Ok, so the boss wasn’t keen on the metabox, as they were more gaming style. Spoke to Lenovo about the p51, as the 71 is too large. I couldn’t get through to Dell. And then other computers turned up (contractor upgraded so passed on his), so now we’re are not buying any thing new anyway. I have been given Dell precision that seems to be handling the assembles and it is working fine. Thank you for your inputs guys!

I run a dell e7450 with nvidia and 16gb ram plus ssd. Docking station to 2x 20" and a 30". Perfect.

Dont think the lstest ones have nv chips tho :frowning:
Ultrabooks are so sexy