Café human test result

As you probably know the coffee on top of the fridge has expired. Today I tested the Moccona Cappuccino, expired 12 months, and it tastes okay, except some blobs that won’t dissolve, which I refrained from eating. I am still alive and well. James (my guest) endeavoured the Netstle Latté that expired 5 months ago and is alive and well. We didn’t endeavour to test the big metal can of Netstle which expired in 2009, but we will arrange some animals to test given opportunity. Currently these netscle (that expired in 2009) are on the floor next to the batteries to avoid accidental human consumption, because we deem it harmless to robots. Special note: we are starving unemployed hackers, judge if you want that risk if you have something to lose:)

P.S. This is a well intended post (intended for people to be aware of the date) and I am personal thankful of the 2 cups café that functioned on us (we are still under its impact). Apologize with a wink if I annoyed any;)