Call to action for reorganizing the hard Stand!

Hi Team!

As some of you may know we are reorganising the hard stand to make it a better use of space for the Forge, Automotive, and to restablish our much loved and missed boneyard.

The automotive and forge causes will have a designated container for their storage. So people know where equipment is to be stored, and so the forge’s equipment is away from weather damage.

This reorganisation will allow us to set up a “materials storage area”. Like the boneyard but including spare materials from the metal shop and wood shop. People will know what belongs to the cause, and what is donated. Because donated material will be in the boneyard, not left in the workshop creating clutter and disorganization.
Resources will be cycled in and out. Instead of waiting for mass clear out when it becomes overwhelming. This will largely be container 3.

Where a UFO has landed, is aiming to be area for large project storage. Which we don’t currently have a designated area for

We need people power to achieve it this Saturday!!

Jobs will be unstacking and removing racking from containers etc. Assessing the safety and conditions of racking. Taking scrap racking to dump. Reassembling racking in containers designated for specific causes and restocking them.

Because the Forge and Automotive have a large steak in this, I hope for the help of those members this Saturday. Any other members wishing to ad comradre, support And working hands will be greatly appreciated!!

I believe the regular drinks and new will be offered!

I’m sure there are plenty of questions. So please be constructive and action focused!

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