Calling all accountants

We need to do our report of incorporation form! But, because last year we cleared $20,000, we need our financials verified. See this link

We’re a Level 2 Association.

As such, we need a (cheap) certified accountant to verify our financials for us, and we’re having some difficulty locating one that doesnt want to charge us an exorbitant amount ($500, or 2.5% our annual income).

If you are an accountant or know one who is willing to help us out, put us in touch please :smile:

just a quick note:
Becasue we’re not in the gaming industry ( ie pokies), as a “level 2” org,
we don’t actually need a CPA, or registered auditor, ( although if you are
one of those, that’s great! ),…

We actually just need someone who has

  • “auditing or accounting experience” ( maybe you worked under a CPA
    previously, maybe you’ve helped do audits? ) … and
  • who has some form of accounting qualification ( it seems like any sort
    will do ), and
  • who also has professional indemnity insurance.

If you happen to fit in this category, but aren’t a CPA, then u can fill
out this form ( for free) , and review our books! :slight_smile: We’ll even pay
you!* :slight_smile: