Calling all cyclists, looking for vintage bike

Back in the 80’s, my father used to make bike frames, (Van Werkhoven) for example, but he never kept any. I would love to own one, but they rarely come up for sale. If anyone does own one, or comes across one, could they get in contact with me, any condition is fine.

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Damn, as a lover of old bikes, that looks good!

His painting was amazing, he had the knack for proper gradients, the rainbow was his signature style. I was chatting to my sleep specialist, and he recognized my surname, turned out he owned a Van Werkhoven, he had an accident and wrote it off, but he reckoned it was the best bike he ever rode.

Dad gave it up because he couldn’t compete with the cheap imports that started coming in.

He made the frame, and painted, then fitted it out.

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Have you spoken to Gypsy at Gear in West End? He is one of the biggest vintage bike traders in Brisbane. He will definitely have seen one.

I have one I’m willing to sell