Can anyone recommend me a printer?

I have only a few needs from a printer. It needs to be cheap-ish, not die after 50 prints and able to be put on my home network.

Print quality is not an issue and I don’t need scanning/faxing/colour prints/fancy extras.

Any suggestions?

May I suggest looking at the refill cartridges first?
Most “Cheep” printers come with a small quantity of toner or ink and charge a arm and a leg for a refill.

So it then comes down to toner or ink.
Based on the above info, I would go with toner and maybe this one

I haven’t seen this so can’t personally recommend, just some goggling seemed to be the right bracket.
More info from others…

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I got a replacement cartridge when I bought my printer I just saw it as total cost of printer.

Office works have link Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P255 dw A4 Mono Laser Printer $79 it take this toner $114

so thats $193 for ~3000 prints or ~7c each

I have a used Canon MP210 with external CISS tanks you can have for nothing, you’ll just need to prime the ink tubes.

I think we may have a deal Nog!