Can I get some help assembling a book?

As we get re-established in a new location we’ll begin open nights again. At that time i’d like to help out by giving the tours, and i’ll want to talk to some of you to learn more about the exciting equipment in each of our areas. In the meantime though i’d like to start assembling a book. I’ll print out and bind half a dozen copies of the book and hand them out to visitors to flip through while they are waiting for a tour.

The purpose of the book is to demonstrate some of things that we’ve all achieved with the resources at the space. I’ve knocked up a few of my little projects in a prototype of the format that I have in mind…


Can I ask all of you to email their “pages” to me? Each page should contain just one thing that you have made in the space. I reckon three to five photos should do it. Along with that i’d also like…

  • A title for the project
  • Your name
  • A few sentences explaining the problem that you were solving, and
  • A few sentences explaining how you solved the problem with the facilities in the space

I’m keen to grow this book to a large collection of inspirational demonstrations. I’m hoping that this book can give our prospective customer’s some ideas while they are waiting for their tour so that they are prepared to ask questions while on the tour. Hopefully our prospective customers end the tour with a heap of their own exciting ideas and a good understanding of why our fee represents good value for money.

Looking forward to seeing lots of inspiring pages from Metalshop, Woodshop and Craftpunk.

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BTW, i’m hoping to receive these submissions as emails to

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