Can someone print me a spare part for my 3D Printer?

Hi friends

I had my extruder fan fail this afternoon, and unfortunately I didn’t notice it in time so it melted/warped the extruder body.
I had a spare (always wise!), but unfortunately it broke during assembly - that’s probably my own fault.

Anyhow, if someone is able to print me the part, that’d be fabulous - happy to pick it up tomorrow anywhere in/near Brisbane - I’m in Arana Hills so North-West Bris is easiest, but I’m really not fussy at this stage :wink:

The bit I need is the main body from this design:

The parts print easily on any good printer. You’ll want to enable support.

You’ll have my gratitude and chocolate of choice.

Regards, Arjen.

Hi again - Update!
I was able to rig up the broken part stable enough to print a new part.
(thanks pelrun for advice along the way!)
Impressive, these critters… so grateful I have a printer where that kind of fun is possible.

Thanks to all who responded helpfully, particularly on #hsbne.
If you have sneakily printed me a part overnight but haven’t told me about it, naturally I’m still interested but you’ll forgive me for not racing over today then. Do let me know though and I’ll still be grateful with chocolate!