Can we get Milk?

Hi all,

Geoff here after an all nighter. Just went to make a coffee before realising, we ain’t got any milk, not even powdered milk… I would go up to the shops to get a can, except I cannot afford it, so… I am just going to throw this up in the air, could we get some powdered milk to accompany the instant coffee wall?

You mix it and have it come out like regular milk with a bit of experimenting. It would be nicer to have it with a morning coffee, than without it.

See ya’ll Tuesday

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Totally, just put it on the next agenda and we’ll get the ball rolling on that one post haste.

Do I post this in the ‘engine room’?

That, or just make a $5.69 donation to your local Hackerspace.

I need to pickup some stuff from woolies tommorow night anyway.
If I remember I will pickup some power.

That’d be awesome, thank you!

Powder and a container to put it in.
Go nuts!


Heh, I found it and decided that must be what it’s there for. It’s all set up in the container and the spare stuff is in the freezer.