Card Printer


With the new move to issuing cards as part of tours, we want to print some details on the cards to make it super easy for people to understand how to sign up online with their card.

Proposed Solution 1

We have a card printer (or two?) About the hackerspace. Setting one up with an rfid reader, so you can swipe and load the card into the printer and have it print a template with the correct details would be great.

Proposed Solution 2

Some way to get stickers bulk printed, with the correct details, that we can apply to the cards. This idea is less good due to more room for human error.




  1. A system where we can bulk print cards with the correct details to make it easy for users to sign up.

Not being a technical person, I wouldn’t know how to set up the above process. However I would happy to man it and print some cards, once it is sorted