Cause funds

So, I’ve been a bit slack lately with treasurer’s reports, so here’s what the cause balances are. For causes that want to be able to access their funds, you must run an event, at least once during the month you want access to said funds.

When an event is run the cause leader has access to a discretionary (doesn’t need a vote), of the funds that have come from membership that month, or alternatively access to all the funds through a cause vote.

TL;DR: Run events, get cause money.

Accurate as of 15/08/16:
Cause Blacksmithing - $260.59
Cause Craft Punk - $231.24
Cause Digital Fabrication - $691.08
Cause Electronics - $659.85
Cause Machine Shop - $718.31
Cause Welding and Fab - $76.93
Cause Wood Working - $616.52

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