Cause Meeting 21/02/17

I’d like us to meet and vote on:

  • A budget of up to $300 to build up some filament specifically for the taz and changyi’s i3 so we can make sure we both have supply and have quality filament instead of playing whack-a-mole on ebay.
  • Locking down the Taz5 to one kind of ABS bulk sourced from the same supplier and probably the same color to prevent needing to clean the nozzle out again. @pelrun can confirm that due to swapping in and out different ABS brands and colors the Taz’s nozzle clogged so I’d like to make sure this machine ~just works~.
  • Maybe doing the same with one of the i3’s, so we have the i2 left over for people to put their own filaments through.

No meeting scheduled for the main group yet, so meet at 7?


The i2 is PLA only. Which should be fine. there seems to have been a move away from pla at the space i assume due to concerns around durability. But it is so much easier to print with as we all know.
Changis i3 has a 1.75mm hotend atm. Will check to see if there is a spare 3mm floating around and change out on the weekend. Im also guessing there is enough parts to make another i3.

Sorry, the clogged nozzle had nothing to do with swapping filament - it was burned ABS. I have no problem with changing filament (on the Taz, anyway, it’s far easier to do it on that machine) beyond the fact that it’s presently required to change the profiles afterwards, and they’re not accessible to the normal user. I still want to put a newer Marlin on the Taz and switch to volumetric extrusion, so the filament diameter can just be set on the front panel menu.

And we haven’t really “moved away from PLA” - it’s just that everyone uses the Taz by default and that’s got ABS in it. Although we’ve had an uptick in usage on pelrun-i2; all that (cheap nasty) glow filament suddenly is nearly used up.

Ok so are we thinking 50/50 split of abs and pla? And each in grey and black? Did you have some colours in mind @nogthree @pelrun? My preference is for black but i know some like the brighter colours.

Probably stick with a neutral colour, if people want to paint their creations after they are printed.

I would like add transparent, plant green, and black. To the purchase for myself, most of my stock is surly to contain moisture as it has been sitting on my bedroom floor for over a year.
Though if any of these colours interest others I’m more than happy to go halfs.

Sadly I will be unable to attend, due to my car revising its’ operating parameters to daytime mode only. I hereby nominate @nogthree to act as my proxy at this meeting.

I too wont be able to attend and nominate @pelrun as my proxy for this meeting.

On another front changis i3 is working kinda… but struggles to keep the bed temp when printing ABS so open to suggestions on how to improve it … one solution could be to wind up the voltage reg on the power supply a couple of volts to increase power available…

Sorry for the delay, here’s the meeting minutes.

Guy Reece
Alex Uhde
Luke Hovington
James Churchill
Brendan Halliday
Rosa Tong (Proxy to Brendan H)
David Thompson (Proxy to James C)
Aaron Bycroft
Mike Ando
Timothy Reiche
Stephanie Piper (Proxy to Brendan H)

Meeting Opened 2049.


  1. $300 budget to spend on buying bulk filament for the Taz 5. All in favour, none abstaining.
  2. Proposal that the Taz 5 only uses the above filament. All in favour, none abstaining.
  3. Proposal that changyi-i3 uses our stock of 1.75 remaining and then we will do similar. All in favour, 2 abstaining.
  4. Proposal that we accept the donation of the Zprint powder printer. All in favour, 1 abstaining.

Meeting Closed 2058.