Cause Meeting 21/03/17

Meeting will start after the General Meeting.

We will hold it in the woodshop itself.


  • Go over the plans as outlined in this forum
  • See what are blocking plans and how people can help to keep things moving
  • Talk about fundraising
  • Talk about expanding woodshop membership.

Other agenda items welcome.

No financial items, just general discussion on the plans.

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  • Josh read through the various planning threads
  • We discussed table saw orientation, settled on recommending people close the door when operating the saw.
  • Nog volunteered to look at dust gate automation
  • Mick volunteered to sort out dust collection shed
  • We are all interested in getting lance from leda to give us a 1hr rundown at $120/hr but did not pass a financial vote.
  • Mick will look into hardwood for a new table, if people want to help they’re more than welcome.
  • Table saw interlock is essentially done, will be installed asap.

I think thats the important points.