Cause Meeting - 22/08/17 8PM


  1. Purchase of a Creality 3D CR - 10 3D Printer5 $640AUD
  2. Vote on costs for the cut up second hand acrylic - Suggested is $3 per sheet.

If you can’t make it and would like to give your proxy to someone, please reply in this thread.

Meeting Minutes:


Meeting Opened: 20:10PM
Aaron Bycroft
James Churchill
Jaimyn Mayer
Brendan Halliday
Lucas Oldfield
Mike Ando
Steph Piper
Michael King
Blair Calderara
Alex Wixted
Luke Hovington
Rosa Tong

One abstaining, majority in favour of purchasing a Creality CR10 for $640AUD

All in favour of charging $3 per sheet for the second hand clear red acrylic sheet.

Meeting Closed: 20:20