Cause Meeting 28/03/17 8pm


  1. Vote to spend $120 for 1hr of training from Leda on the Table Saw for 4 people
  2. Vote on whom those 4 people should be
  3. Votes for the various items detailed in the table saw thread.

Unfortunately I need to work back again tonight, apologies. I proxy my vote on the above to Mick if required.

Notes from the meeting:

  • Training is approved, 1hr, 4 people.
  • People allocated are myself, @mick, @nogthree and wayne. If anyone else is dead keen you can ask one of these people to swap out.
  • Approved these purchases:
    • Metal Detector as described in the table saw thread
    • $400 budget for table saw blades
    • $200 for measuring equipment

We also provisionally agreed to reimburse @nogthree for a prototype automated blast gate.

I’d like some input on what blades to purchase under this budget in the table saw thread please.