Cause meeting agenda 06/12/2016

Howdy folks,

We have some items to discuss to put forward to the general membership for purchase approval:

  • embroidery machine
  • sublimation printer

And a vote to purchase these items with cause funds:

  • stanley knives
  • craft cutting boards

Items can be added up until THIS THURSDAY EVENING 01/12/16. Just comment below.

We are an awesome cause, so lets show it some love.

Meeting minutes:

Craft punk Meeting 6/12/16

Opened 2030

Brendan Halliday
Megs Drinkwater
Fiona Findlay
Anna Gerber
Michael King
Aaron Bycroft
Mike Ando
Meka Beecham
Rosa Tong

Group wants to take these things to main membership as Cause Punk can’t afford:

  • Embroidery Machine
  • Sublimation Printer

Group would prefer a sublimation machine.

Anna points out that embroidery machines are finicky and we could purchase one with funds from making dye sublimated t-shirts etc.

Vote to put $300 towards a dye sublimation printer from cause funds. 8 in favour, 1 against.

Vote to spend up to $50 on craft knives and cutting boards. All in favour.

Meeting closed 20:50.

A small embroidery machine on gumtree

I bought my sister one of its brethren a few years ago. Apart from the dongle/sw only running on XP it is quite good.

Not industrial sized or intended for commercial usage though.

Items need price when listing