Cause Team Member callout

This is a callout to any blacksmithing & casting members who want to get more actively involved in improving the forge area. Looking for people who can actively identify areas of improvement, collaboratively formulate plans to implement said improvements, delegate work as appropriate, and work both independently and collaboratively.

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Examples of potential areas of improvement can be found on the trello here

I am happy to help, but only so far as casting is concerned. I can also act as a bridge to craftpunk, as they will own the kiln / spincaster I built however unlike the pottery kiln metalshop and smithing/casting is free to use it as a heat treating oven. Same goes for casting materials etc.

Hi Alex. I am back in action as of today, so I am wondering what our priorities are at the forge, as well as what is an “easy” job to make progress on.

It seems to me that building a furnace should be relatively straight forward.

Shall we open a discussion regards what supplies we need to make it? I am happy to do a run around to collect supplies as needed.