Change Exchange - borrowing money

Just a heads up guys and gals, it appears we’ve got members borrowing from the change exchange. I’m going to be lenient this time but take this as a first warning.

Stop borrowing money, or you’ll ruin it for everyone else. No money? No drinks.


Oh the $20 note isn’t missing is it? I hope Karl and I didn’t forget to put it back after we had it under the microscope the other night??

No idea, a few people refill it so it’s hard to keep track. I’m mainly referring to small change though, being borrowing $1 or $2 at a time for a drink, as that’s easy to forget about.

Once again, someone is borrowing/stealing from the change exchange. We are at present missing $3.

Second warning guys. Stop.

I suspected the $3 was me so I added $4 last night and fucked up the balance again. Sorry guys.


Due to continued borrowing the change exchange has been suspended for 2 weeks.

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EDIT: This appears to have been corrected.

I was hoping I didn’t have to touch this again.

As of yesterday the exchange was out by $8. At this point I’m no longer issuing warnings, I’ll just replenish what’s there. Once there’s nothing left, I will be abandoning this project.

Don’t steal, you’ll ruin it for everyone else.