Changing HSBNE's Name

There’s been discussions around changing name to better reflect what services the space provides and to potentially better position us for government of corporate support. I got chat-gpt to generate a list of 50 name. My favourites are #10 & #43.

In a week (1st of September) I suggest we have a meeting online with anyone interested in having a say to finalize the name. From there we will need to proceed with the proper process to change our name which will require some kind of special resolution vote (requiring 75% yes vote to pass).

Here’s the chat-gpt generated list:

  1. Brisbane Creative Hive
  2. River City Makerspace
  3. Down Under DIY Den
  4. Brisbane Maker Haven
  5. Sunshine State Innovators
  6. Brisbane CraftLab
  7. Queensland Creatorspace
  8. Riverfront Tech Collective
  9. Brisbane DIY Hub
  10. InnovateBNE Workshops
  11. South Bank Maker Collective
  12. Brisbane Design Forge
  13. Urban DIY Oasis
  14. Brisbane Innovators’ Nook
  15. MakerFusion Brisbane
  16. TechTinker Brisbane
  17. Brisbane Maker’s Workshop
  18. Brisbane Artisan Alley
  19. CreateConnect BNE
  20. River City Innovators’ Den
  21. Brisbane Craft & Create
  22. Brissy Inventor’s Haven
  23. DIY Down Under Space
  24. Brisbane BuildLab
  25. Queensland DreamForge
  26. Brisbane Prototype Park
  27. MakerMetro Brisbane
  28. BNE Creative Collaborative
  29. The Crafty Kangaroo Lab
  30. Brisbane Innovate & Create
  31. CityScape Makerspace
  32. Brisbane DIY Foundry
  33. Queensland Craftovation Hub
  34. Brisbane Tech Playground
  35. Riverfront Innovators’ Haven
  36. Brisbane Maker’s Junction
  37. Aussie DIY Oasis
  38. Urban Creatorspace BNE
  39. Brisbane Craftworks Collective
  40. Sunshine State InnovateLab
  41. Down Under Creators’ Cove
  42. Brisbane ArtTech Studio
  43. Maker’s Quarters BNE
  44. InventiveBrisbane Workshop
  45. Brisbane Nexus of Creation
  46. TechTonics Brisbane
  47. Brisbane Builder’s Bloc
  48. River City Artisan Hub
  49. DIY Haven Brisbane
  50. Queensland Make & Collaborate

Please add any of your own suggestions for consideration!

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The URL is available
The organisation name is available

I’d love something with any of these words in it.


River City fabrication
River City forge
Diy forge
Brisbane diy forge
Forge creators

If it’s the Brisbane bowls club were after could include its history or our plans to hold markets
Creators on the green
Greenslopes creator hive
Brisbane Green forge
Brisbane creator market
Etc. Hower the word green has implications of environmental protection but that shouldnt be too bad if we work that into our goals.

Just throwing around some words.we have to consider of course the acronym potential for good or bad.

River city makerspace sounds good to me.
I would avoid anything with “den” , “hive” or “oasis”
Due to the implications.

Given the domain name I own - I obviously don’t have a problem with the word hacker.

However if you guys feel like you need to change the name then please don’t make it something generic like

River City Makerspace
Makerspace Brisbane
Makerfusion Brisbane

Because all those names are all just one step away from “The Judean Peoples Makerspace”

Something unique that does not mention directly what you are can be more memorable than something perfectly descriptive.

There are two schools of thought. Your name should describe exactly what you are so people know as soon as they know your name. OR your name should be interesting and catchy but you need to explain what you do. So you then you have the opportunity to explain and tailor the description to the audience.

“Where are you from?”
“I’m from The River City Makerspace”


“Where are you from?”
“I am from The Purple Lizard Emporium”
“What the hell is The Purple Lizard Emporium?”
“I am so glad you asked …”

You all know the name Robots and Dinosaurs. Would you remember if it was “The Sydney Hackerspace” or “The Hackerspace Sydney” or even “The Sydney Peoples Popular Hackerspace”

There is also some similar value in having the way the name relates to Brisbane non obvious.

A bad option would be “Terry Lewis’ Workshop” but it gives the idea.

Ideas that are not terrible are to take song lyrics from famous brisbane bands that might fit well. You also get the opportunity to talk more to someone explaining where the name came from.

“House of Tin and Timber” - The Go Betweens song Cattle and Cane
“Just Like Fire Would” - The Saints
'Everyday I Talk to My Machines" - Regurgitator Everyday Formula
“A better place to play” - Oasis - Don’t Look Back In Anger

The Go Betweens are so Brisbane they have a bridge named after them and their 2nd biggest song is/was used as the theme song to the TV show Brisbane Extra.

Not saying any of my ideas are good. However the way humans can beat skynet is by not looking at all the options and choosing the mean/median/average. Non artificial intelligence can match patterns and make associations even when they are not focused on the perceived goal.

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