Chem lab heating element

Is the magnetic stirrer capable of a long slow low heat?
I need to keep something hovering around the 70° for an extended period of time

I am unsure where it is also,
Everything from the chem lab is being packed up so new tennennents can move in.

What are you trying to achieve? I may have the facilities :slight_smile:

Not entirely sure to be honest. Have been given some bees wax that i want to clarify have been informed the best way is a long low heat to let all the impurities settle out

Does it need to be agitated during this process? I have an ultrasonic cleaner with a heater, I also have some sous vide gear, so those might be useful?

no ideally it should not be disturbed, and just allow the sediment to drop out

I could probably arrange some sort of ‘experiment’ if you like.

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yeah just double boil it in a sous vide bath, sounds pretty straight forward :slight_smile: Do you want me to bring my unit tomorrow and you can run it a few hours at the space?

Devians thanks for the offer but what i am told we are talking days not hours. But that was also for larger scale.
My experience with clarifying other things tells me its probably a time factor of days too.

More research required.

I’ve not worked much with wax, but I did have to do a 3 day continuous “boil” once before ( for turning cow horn into usable form to make medieval “plastic” for trinkets etc )… and I ended up doing it outside ( under cover) with a portable electric hotplate and a very oversized pot ( at least double the capacity of the liquids in it ) so that it’s unlikely to overflow while unattended. Watched pots take ages to boil, and unattended pots always overflow. :slight_smile: